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Image refer to flat media composed of graphics, images, etc. There are many formats for images, but overall they can be divided into two categories: lattice graphics and vector graphics. BMP, JPG, and other commonly used formats are lattice graphics, while SWF, CDR, AI, and other formats belong to vector graphics.
Formal things, what we see, are a collective term for pictures, photographs, rubbings, etc. Diagram is a fundamental term in technical drawing, referring to a form of describing geometric features, forms, positions, and sizes of things using points, lines, symbols, text, and numbers. With the development of digital acquisition technology and signal processing theory, more and more images are stored in digital form.

Image classification
Social Life: Images Reflecting the Varieties of Life
Social documentary: truthfully reflecting people or events with practical effectiveness, such as disasters, wars, poverty, etc
Tourism Folklore: Some landscape pictures taken by people who love photography and tourism
Folk customs and traditions: pictures that record folk customs, habits, beliefs, celebrations, etc
Natural scenery: including mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, islands, deserts, grasslands, forests, etc
Cultural landscape: artificial landscapes such as urban bird's-eye view, urban night view, fountains, sculptures, etc
Cultural entertainment: folk culture, folk art, handicrafts, etc

Image news
An unforgettable photo won the 2024 World News Photography Award "Jose". In the photo, a mournful Palestinian woman holds tightly to her niece who was killed in an Israeli attack.
The report states that this photo was taken by Mohammad Salim from Reuters. At that time, a missile hit Sally's home in Khan Younis, and she, at the age of 5, died along with her mother and sister. Sally's aunt, 36 year old Inas Abu Mamar, is holding her body.

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